November 5, 2012

The waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting....

I have not made any updates to this site in awhile as we are in the waiting stage right now.  Anyone who has an experience with adoptions knows what we mean by the waiting stage.  We knew when we started this process nearly 15 months ago that the waiting time for Thailand adoptions was 2-3 years.  I keep trying to remember "in God's time".  Sometimes I just want God's time to be Lisa's time.  How I long to bring this little girl home forever.

While officially we have only been in the official process for 15 months, but adoption has and the love of caring for all God's children has been in our hearts for years.

Father, you knew us before we were born.
And you chose us to be your children.  
Father, you faithfully watch over and protect us.
Your plan for our lives gives us hope and a future.

Knowing that God has the plan for us and the perfect timing for our daughter gives me hope for our future.

We continue to need prayers from our family and friends as we walk in this journey to our Thai princess.  

Please pray for our daughter, her biological parents and the caregivers she has while in Thailand.
 Pray for Christopher and Joshua as they begin to transition to include another sibling in our house.
Pray that God will lead us to the little girl he has intended for our family.
Prayer for God's financial provisions on our adoption.
  Prayer for other families around the world to put adoption in their hears to bring their child home.

Place on Holt waiting list....
Our adoption agency matches children (referrals) with their forever families every quarter.  We are moving up on the list to bring our baby girl home.  We are now Number 12 on the list. With the typical referral groups we are looking at March or June 2013 to receive our daughter referral and then about 6 months after that to travel. 

So, maybe by this time next year - she will be home with us!!

Christopher's  new bedroom.
Joshua's new bedroom.
Our Thai princess's new bedroom.

The nesting time for our little girl has begun..... Christopher and Joshua have moved rooms and a little girl bedroom is in the works. We have painted a pink wall and I have purchased new borders and decals for her wall.  Sorry - the lighting is not that great for these pictures.

Borders and decals which will will put up shortly!

We also plan to create a new playroom out of our current formal living room (which we never use) for the "littles" (her and Joshua) as our family room is being overtaken by Joshua toys and the current playroom (in the basement) has mostly Christopher toys.  We will continue to keep the basement playroom more of a place that Christopher can hang out with his friends.

New kitchen playset
Barbies, Barbie RV and doll carrier.
Some of my latest items acquired for "littles" playroom.  Joshua likes playing with his sisters new Barbie RV and new kitchen.  When we ask Joshua where his sister is he says "In Thailand", and usually follows with "where is Thailand's house."

I am only one...I can not do everything...But God has called us to do something...What is in your heart today??

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