October 24, 2011

Paperwork/Homestudy Update

WOW - it has been a busy month.  We have been working on getting a lot of paperwork required to start the homestudy with LSS.  We also had our first couple meeting with them last week (Oct 20).

I think our meeting with Karen (social worker from LSS) went well last week.  I guess it is obvious that both Chris and I were in the military with our structured life that we live.  I did not even really how structured our lives were until we had to start talking about it.  Our single meetings will start up this week and hopefully we will be able to have the final one sometime in November.

I have been reading other people's blogs and some Thailand newsgroup feeds about current delays in the Thailand adoption program.  Also, Holt just recently stopped all new applications for Thailand adoptions as their backlog of applicants in getting larger.  We are one of the backlog of applicants that hope to make it to the front some day.  This makes it much harder for someone like me - at the beginning of the process - to wonder if I will ever get to the end. 

It is also saddening to hear about all the families currently being misplaced by recent flooding in Thailand.  I pray that she, her birth family and caregivers are safe.

I know the next few years will be long ones, but we are a family that will try to be patient.  I know everything will happen "In God's Time".  We have some much more love to give and all children deserve a Christ-centered home where they can feel safe, secure and loved.  We are going to be able to give that to at least one little girl in a few years.

I will try to write more in a few days. Here is a recap of some of the paperwork and forms we have done for the homestuday - of course I have a spreadsheet with every form need and the status of each also.

Some of the Home study documents that are completed, notarized and turned in to LSS
Child Abuse clearance request for VA (Chris and Lisa)
Copies of birth certificates (Chris, Lisa, Christopher and Joshua)
Copies of marriage certificate
Copies of divorce certificate
Medical physicals (Lisa, Chris, Christopher and Joshua)
Fingerprints (Chris and Lisa)
Safety/fire house survey
Floor plan of house
Financial certification
Copies of tax refunds
Copies of pay stubs
Release of Information for Daycare and School (Christopher and Joshua)
Photo of family
Certified driving record for VA (Chris and Lisa)
Discipline policy reviewed and signed

Things for Homestudy we still need to complete
10 hours of training
Child Abuse clearance reports from KS, CO, MD and Guam (Lisa)
Child Abuse clearance reports from TN, AL, GE, AR and Korea (Chris)
Guadianship forms