March 18, 2012

Finding Pictures

The dossier is on route to the US State Department and the Thai Embassy.  One of the additional requirements are some family photos depicting our family life.  These photos  did not need to have the certifications from the embassy and state department, but need included with our final package to the adoption agency.

This is what the requirement from our agency stated:

" Photo's for the Thai government’s Department of Social Development & Welfare, please take care to choose nice photos to represent your family and home to the Thai government. Tape or glue a total of 6-10 good quality photos (photo-quality prints) of your family and the interior and exterior of your home on 81⁄2" x 11" paper or cardstock. Label each picture and include your names. Use discretion and good taste when selecting your photos. Remember, pictures play an important role in introducing you to the officials in Thailand. They are interested in seeing what the home and family environment looks like."

With me being a pretty avid scrapbooker, I have 1000's of photos to choose from.
How do I find only 10 photos?  Which ones should I choose?  

I printed out about 50 different pictures and finally Chris and I narrowed down what we thought to be the top 10.  We wanted to include ones of the boys playing together, pictures of both inside and outside of the house and things we do as a family.  I hope we picked the right ones.  

Here are the 10 images of our family that will be sent to the Thai government.

I think these depict our family pretty well.

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Wendy Higgins said...

Awesome!!! So excited for you guys! :)