September 12, 2011

I never knew how much I would enjoy filling out forms

Really I did not know I enjoyed it so much.  I spent 11 years in the military and don't think I have ever filled out so much paperwork all at once.  I have been used to filling out SF-86's every few years for work, but this kind of paperwork is everything you need for that and a few other things.

I do not even know my little girl, she may not even be born yet, she may have been born weeks or even months ago or she may be born today.  (I am hearing this adoption process takes 2-3 years and children are 2-3 years old when brought home.)  I am praying every day for you and you will be home with your forever family soon.  God has already picked you out and I know he is taking care of you until we can bring you home.

September 8th - First initial intake interview with Karen from Lutheran Social Services.  She gave us about an inch of forms we need to fill out prior to our 1st of 4 required visits for our homestudy.  This was the day of the massive floodings in Fairfax/Prince William county.  We actually had to walk through a small muddy parking lot into the LSS office.  I had picked up Chris from work, so he was wearing his new dress shoes, I dropped him off at the door so they would not get ruined..    Luckily I wear flip-flops ALL the time so did not really mind about my feet getting muddy.  Our commute home took nearly 3 1/2 hours, this was primarily because of all the rain, Tyson' Corner normal commute traffic, road closures and metro construction around that area.

September 9th - Got my fingerprints for the homestudy done at work.

September 10th - Started filling out forms needed for the homestudy.  I also spoke to some of my friends we had asked if they would write referral letters for us and they received their letters in the mail today.

September 12th, 2011
I scheduled my medical physical (9-23-11)

September 11th, 2011 - This was a day of rememberance for our nation.  My current children do not remember the world prior to 9-11-01.  I never realized until Christopher came home from school on Friday (September 9th) and said he just found out in school was 9-11 really was.  I spent some time explaining exactly to him where he was that day and what happened.  On Saturday (September 10th) Chris watched a movie with Christopher about the 9/11 attacks. 

Christopher was 3 1/2 months old and I had just became a stay at home mom (after he was born) to him and his two older sisters (Angel was 11 and Jaymi was 8).  Christopher and I were at our first WIC appointment at the Charles county office near LaPlata MD.  (I still think it is sad that a military veteran of 16 years with a family of 5 qualified for the government WIC program and reduced lunches.)  That day was spent trying to find where Christopher's dad (my then husband) was at and watching the news.  The phones were all jammed and I could not contact anyone.  Bret (Christopher's dad) finally emailed me he was OK and to tell me he would be home in a few hours, but had to go to the Pentagon for "clean-up" later that night. 

September 8, 2011

Homestudy/Dossier instructions received

I now have instructions for the Dossier and the initial intake homestudy interview has been scheduled.
I spoke to Karen from the homestudy agency last week.  Apparently, our home study agency LSS works has two different offices in the Washington DC area.  One for Washington DC/Maryland and one for Virginia.  The name I had first was for the Washington DC area and they had to refer me to the Virginia office.  Karen sent me the initial application paperwork for LSS.  We have our initial interview with LSS scheduled for the afternoon of September 8th (that is today).  After we get the requirements needed for the homestudy we can start requesting official documents. 

I also received the link and password for the Holt Thailand adoption guidebook.  This lists everything needed to complete our dossier and other steps throughout the process.

I spoke with Thoa on the phone (Holt Thailand director) who gave m some more specifics on the Thailand program.  There seem to be a lot of people currently in homestudy/dossier process right now, so I am praying I can get this paperwork done quickly so I can get on the waiting list for our referral.  Right now they are estimating 2-3 years from application.  I don't want to wait that long for my little girl, but I know everything in GOD's TIME.

Tuesday, August 30 - received initial application from LSS to do HomeStudy, scheduled initial interview
Tuesday, September 6 - received Dossier instructions from Holt and spoke with Thoa from Holt on more specifics on the Thailand program
Wednesday, September 7 - Notarized initial application for LSS

I have started searching and reading several sites on Thailand culture.  Christopher comes in sometimes and reads the information with me also.  Big brothers, mommy and daddy are getting ready for you to come home.

I have been following several other Thailand adoption blogs as well as signed up for some Thailand adoption newsgroups.  I love reading other people's stories and following them on their journey.  I hope to meet some lifelong friends along the way.